Book review: “Feed my spirit”, by Natasha Zantsi

Generally speaking, the world is more familiar with a human being in the flesh: the physical body. We can see how the body looks, we know what the body needs in order to sustain it, and we take care of it. However, it is our spirit inside of us that is actually the most important, which, if not looked after, would even affect the very body we prioritize.

“The spirit, if it is well nourished, is the component that keeps us behaving like God, feeling good and happy to be alive, and wanting to give the gifts that God has given us.”

Feed my spirit is a book that focuses exactly on that: feeding your spirit. It educates on what the spirit is, what the spirit needs, and what you can do to nourish it and live in accordance with God’s will. The whole concept of spirit is derived from the fact that God Himself is a Spirit (I’m sure you know this, already – who has seen God in the physical?). When He created mankind, as recorded in the book of Genesis, the Bible says that He created them in His image (Genesis 1:27). His image is Spirit.

With the knowledge that God is Spirit and that we were created in His image, it is only fitting to actually spend time with Him, and that is what the introduction of the book emphasizes on – putting God first by spending time with Him in Word and prayer. This is where the feeding and nourishing of our spirit starts.

“The benefits of fellowship with God are inspiration and guidance, knowing who you are, peace, joy, reaching your fullest potential.”

Chapter 1 titled “God wants our hearts” shares the reasons why that is, considering how the heart is the most sensitive part on mankind, prone to being scarred.

Chapter 2 unpacks the reasons why we actually need God, focusing on His qualities as our God and Father.

Chapter 3 shares the knowledge of who God actually is and His kingdom, ultimately giving us a foundational knowledge so that we may know how to live with Him, as shared in chapter 4.

Chapters 5 and 6 focus on the importance of His Word: how loving Him means keeping His commandments (initiated by prayer); and how it is of paramount importance to know His Word, understand it, and know how to use it as a weapon to fight the enemy who is the devil.

Chapter 7 goes deeper into the knowledge of the spirit. Knowing that we are spirit, this chapter explains what spirit is and how spirit operates on the earth with reference to God’s Word. This knowledge serves as foundational knowledge for the next chapter, chapter 8, titled “Every life has a purpose”.

“No one is a mistake. Every life brought on the planet earth has a purpose in human form”.

Chapter 9 titled “Beware of the devil” provides insight and warnings of the tactics of the enemy, which is beneficial in that when one has knowledge of the attacks, it gives them leverage to not allow defeat.

Chapter 10, 11 and 12 focus on positive living. Remember the quote earlier about the spirit being the component that keeps us feeling good and happy to be alive? These chapters do just that to your spirit.

The book ends with a chapter on fasting and prayer, defined and explained in detail, with biblical scriptures on the topic.

It is a book filled with so much knowledge. Reading it may feel like getting to know about God and yourself in Him. In fact, it is so,

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3 thoughts on “Book review: “Feed my spirit”, by Natasha Zantsi”

  1. Neliswa Matiwane

    Wooow this is a great book for everyone, it’s a book that teaches a person to understand who is God, what is the spirit,why do you need to feed your spirit and cautious about what you feed your spirit will be something can determine your future spiritual. It’s book that has a word of God from the beginning to the end where you gain the wisdom and realize how much is important to read ,know and understand the word of God🙌🙌🙌God bless you more by preaching his word using your pen.

  2. Hey Natasha gets me excited again😀😀 reading this review heeee I can’t wait to read this book now. You focusing on God’s word in every book you write is so beneficial to me as I am a person who is so lazy to read and understand a bible🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. This is beautiful, definitely a book to look out for. People lost so much faith, they are not motivated and I trust that this book will revive their spirits and restore their faith.

    Well done Tasha, you are Godsend 🙏🏼

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