About us

Established in 2018

Mpilo Publishing is an SA registered publishing company that assists authors to self-publish books that heal, inform, teach, and empower. Together with professional editors and proofreaders from the Professional Editors’ Guild (PEG), graphic designers and illustrators, our aim is to self-publish at the standard of a publishing house at affordable industry rates. It’s convenient self-publishing – an all-in-one package. Genres self-published include non-fiction, fiction (based on realities of life), business, self help, children’s books and cook books. 

While our main product offering is book self-publishing, Mpilo has also extended to other forms of self-publishing, namely content writing for websites, magazines and blogs. Together with our sister company, Obss (Pty) Ltd, which specialises in website design and hosting, you can have your own website and / or blog. Whether it is for your business, NGO, your personal brand; or for a subject related to your work, business or interests such as the food industry , health, lifestyle – whatever it may be, we’ve got you covered. Editing and proofreading is also not limited to books but other forms of text in business (reports) and academia (theses).

We look forward to be of service to you.


To assist writers/ authors to self-publish and market their books at the standard of the publishing industry.


To create a community where Africans share their stories; where life topics that many shy away from are addressed, which will help heal, teach, inform and encourage. Mpilo aims to cultivate a better life, one book at a time.