Book review: “The power of your decisions” by Winky Lufefe Zuma

“Where have your decisions placed you?” – that is how “The power of your decisions” starts. In fact, that’s the title of the first chapter. It’s a question alarming enough to make one realize how powerful a decision truly is.

Where you are currently is a result of decisions, whether they were made by you or someone else and affected you. Decisions may be made carelessly and aimlessly when one does not have a vision/purpose/ assignment. When you don’t know where you are headed, you won’t know which decisions to make and which not to make, which paths to take and which not to take. You won’t even be able to foresee any danger or distraction.

Vision is crucial. It serves as an anchor in one’s life. There’s a vision God has for every one of us, a purpose. Each of us have gifts, talents, potential. That is why it shouldn’t be that we envy others’ achievements or copy them; instead celebrate them and learn to focus on investing in ourselves. And that is what Winky motivates and encourages in the second chapter titled, “There is only one you – focus on yourself”.

Challenges are inevitable – there will always be something that will seem to be working against you in achieving your goals/ vision. That’s when one needs to be vigilant and focus. This is addressed in the chapter that follows, “Understanding that particular season of your life”.

Part of the journey to our vision also requires us to sacrifice that which we love. The question is: is it adding to or subtracting from your progress? No matter how much you love it or them, if it doesn’t add value, you have to let go.

Be prepared to also not be understood, for your vision to not be supported, even by those you’d expect to support you. What’s important is to believe in yourself, then you’ll see how those you love will be drawn, even when they don’t see the vision as you do. Winky shares testimonies of this in the chapter “The world won’t understand”, including her own.

The book continues to draw the reader into being more active and to engage, starting with the chapter “Journey to success”. Here, the reader is challenged to identify, develop, enhance, re-define and use their gifts. It is here that one will certainly begin their journey to prosperity.

Chapter 7 is the game-changer. It is here that the reader thinks and writes down their goals/objectives, plans achievement thereof, organize execution of the plan, and perform a control principle in which the end results are compared to the goals/ objectives and making necessary changes if need be.

There’s a whole lot more activities you can expect in the book, and each will encourage introspection of where you are in terms of your assignment, vision, purpose, life and goals. And with the available spaces for you to write in the book, it will surely be a challenge to bypass the activities. Regardless, it would be good to engage in them. Take charge of your life. Take ownership of your vision.

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4 thoughts on “Book review: “The power of your decisions” by Winky Lufefe Zuma”

  1. What a good read indeed , I feel the author as I put myself in her shoes and look things from her perspective which is very profound and relevant I recommend every visionary and dreamer to get their hands on thus read pave a way to a realistic growth plan and goal achievement ect…. which all comes down to the power of decision making and realistic planning , taking into consideration the affect of external and internal decision making as individuals and people which one is attached to , which can either make or break an individual but it all comes back to how positively one can embrace and respond to changes around us and within us that will help us reach our goals and Living our dreams .

    Great read indeed , big ups to the author ✊ I believe that this book will contribute to the people that will read the book , be it insight , wisdom and knowledge to know better , be more and do more with a clear concious and being selfless taking into consideration those people attach to one , how it will help them in moving into the right direction and chasing after something genuine .

    1. Simthandile Mhlambiso

      Wow! This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the book 😃🙌🏽👌🏽 It sure is a must-have 😃

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