Our Services

Ghost writing, content writing, editing, proofreading

Before publishing a book or content on your website, there has to be a manuscript or a written draft, right? Not only that, but we also have to ensure that the draft is appealing, compelling, without errors, and prepared according to the publishing standards. For book publishing, have a look at the video from our Youtube channel. It explains in detail what goes into the preparation of the manuscript before proceeding to the next stage of the publishing process. Our writing, editing and proofreading services are also extended to transcriptions and other forms of text such as theses (academia) and reports/ pamphlets/ brochures (companies). Content writing services are offered for websites, magazines and blogs.

Typesetting/ layout and design

The interior of your book is just as important as the preparation of your manuscript. It plays a huge role in the readability of the reader. We help to ensure that your book is well-presented. Have a look at the video on our YouTube channel where we share what goes into the layout and design stage.

For children's books and cook books, illustrations and photography are organised accordingly.

book cover, isbn

The first thing that a reader sees before reading the book blurb is the book cover. With a number of professional freelance graphic designers and book cover designers to choose from, whether you prefer a basic, medium, or advanced design according to your budget, we've got you covered. What's important is that the book cover is unique, professionally done, and most importantly appealing.


Marketing your book as a self-published author can be challenging, especially when you have a limited following. Here at Mpilo Publishing, we offer a variety of marketing services using effective marketing strategies, depending on your budget. Have a look at our YouTube video to find out more.

Our marketing services are also extended to entrepreneurs and businesses for social media management.

sales + distribution

As a self-published author, you may not necessarily have a bookstore or a warehouse to store and sell your books as and when needed. At Mpilo Publishing, we can assist with sales and distribution strategies to make the selling and distribution of your book easier.


Do you have a manuscript but not sure if it is good enough to publish? Do you have an idea of a book but don't know where to start, or don't have a manuscript at all? You can schedule a consultation with us. We shall evaluate and walk you through the process.