Book review: “Your Transformation Summons – will you answer the call to radical change?”, by Mmatshepo Seoka

You may be wondering to yourself why the need for one to undergo transformation, why so much emphasis on change – “what’s the big deal”, right? You may even be thinking that this does not apply to you. Well, are there any unhealed wounds, anything that happened to you which left a deep cut in your soul and keeps haunting you, hindering any prospects of you eventually reaching your destiny, your greatness? Or perhaps you never really thought that there’s any greatness that awaits you? That’s exactly what the character, Faith, thought as well, until God called her into her journey of transformation.

Faith had one particular incident that happened while she was in her mother’s womb. She wasn’t even born; but as she grew older, it affected practically every aspect of her life, from her teenage years right until her young adult years: her mental health, physical health, friendships, relationships, schooling, and ultimately her career, were all affected, until she was called by the one who brought her into this world with a predestined plan and purpose for her life – her Heavenly Father, God.

The journey to her transformation for greatness had to start with forgiveness – not only to forgive the one behind the incident but herself, too, for the resulting bad decisions she had made. It was a first step to her freedom.

“She no longer had to condemn herself for the mistakes committed in the past.”

The second step was one that was not in her control – God intervened in a way she never expected. In chapter 2, titled ‘Life-altering moment’, Faith grew tired of doing the same dysfunctional acts over and over again. She grew tired, weary, uncomfortable. She felt a nudge within her spirit to let go.

“Sometimes the purpose to which He has called us is so big that it needs to be protected by any means necessary. And sometimes this goes to the extent of Him using our very own intuition and discernment to alert us of things that may be harmful to our destinies.”

In the chapter that follows, titled “Hunger and Thirst for more”, Faith started to have an appetite for change, implementing a new routine every single day, actively pursuing to live a meaningful life.

“My appetite for more and my longing for better are what actually dragged me out of my comfort-zone.”

“Tough introspection”, which is chapter 4, dives deeper into looking at the consequences of the incident throughout Faith’s life. The emphasis is on identifying the root which helped to redirect her life towards the right direction.

“Why do we make the choices we make? Why do we have these thoughts about ourselves and others?”

Part 2 of the book then focuses on the actual process of transformation, implementing practical strategies to cater for every aspect of Faith’s life: physical, mental, career-wise, financial, educational, relational, emotional. And of course, Faith doesn’t go on this journey alone. With obstacles that get in the way, she always knows who to turn to for He has a solution for every challenge within the journey of transformation to which He has called you to.

P.S: To get a copy of the book, you can WhatsApp the author to +27 83 299 2885. You can also buy it on Goodcraft online store.


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