Book Review: “Let Go Of The Past And Liberate Yourself” by Natasha Zantsi

The past. It usually has a negative connotation to it, even more so when it’s in a phrase such as, “Let go of the past and liberate yourself”. The past can be daunting and detrimental to one’s well-being and truly needs us to let it go and be liberated. But it sure is not easy.

Natasha gained the courage to share her past with the world; for the sole purpose of helping God’s people heal and no longer be bound by their past. She shares not just 1 but many occasions in her life in which she had experienced traumatic experiences, disheartening and brutal occurrences, so much that anybody would deem it impossible to forgive the perpetrators behind such incidences; but Natasha proves in her book that that is the lie from the enemy to keep us bound.

There are mysteries behind letting go. There is life in letting go. There is liberty in forgiveness. Once we gain the knowledge of the importance of letting go, it is not impossible to be set free, but yet it is through God’s power and His Word that we are truly able to.

In the journey of letting go, Natasha shares 7 stages we have to undergo in order to finally get to that stage of letting go and being liberated from our past.

Starting off with Chapter 1, Natasha helps us understand what pain truly, because essentially it is pain that would cause us to find difficulty in letting go. She also shares how we deal with pain and the Biblical way of dealing with pain.

Chapter 2 dives into the various sources of pain which she refers to as storms.

“I was depressed for many years. It was stormy. It was heavy.”

Here, Natasha emphasizes that we need to find the source or someone who has the power to deal with and destroy your storm.

“Trust God more when it’s messy”, which is chapter 3, reveals how God is actually present in your storm, helping us to see our mess with a different perspective – God’s perspective.

Chapter 4 helps us acknowledge how our emotions can be a stronghold, the effects they may have in our lives. and how they separate us from God. But there is a way to overcome through the weapons Natasha shares, which are in the Word of God.

In chapter 5, Natasha emphasizes why and how we can let go completely.

“We don’t have to let hurt control the narrative of our lives”

Chapter 6 expresses how compassion, love, which come from, is ultimately what will help us heal.

And finally, chapter 7 propels us to claim our power back by forgiving, recognizing the benefits thereof and the consequences of not doing so.

“It is also important to not forget to forgive yourself.”

It’s a liberating book, not only filled with the knowledge which is the Word of God, but with hope and guarantee to be freed from the past through God.

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