Book review: “The Act Of Following”, by Dimakatso Gift Ratabane

Many of us may be familiar with the term “discipleship”, but how many of us truly understand what it means? We have been called to be disciples, but do we truly know what it actually entails? Are we prepared for the journey?

In his book, Dimakatso takes us through the different aspects of discipleship.

He starts off with chapter 1 titled “What is a disciple?” – a perfect way to clarify any misconceptions of the term as early as possible.

“Being a Christian doesn’t make you a disciple. It’s just the foundation.”

Many of us may have thought that being a disciple is automatic, but there’s more to it. Dimakatso explains that there are 2 types of discipleship: physical and spiritual discipleship, where the latter starts when you have a revelation of who Christ is.

Chapter 2 dives into the cost of discipleship. There are things we should be willing to lose, which is one aspect of discipleship that is not easy. Here, Dimakatso shares the message that we ought to have complete faith and trust in God – that is the teaching in this chapter.

The chapter that follows, “The act of being called”, looks into the mystery in the way the disciples are called, including examples of how the fishermen, the tax collector, to name a few, were called.

The following 2 chapters focus on recognizing the voice of the Shepherd and leaving everything to follow Him, using Abraham and Moses as examples.

“There are things you need to leave; things you shouldn’t go back to. What have you left for the sake of Christ?”

“Practice and produce” speaks about the fruits of the Spirit which every disciple needs to possess: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, humility, self-control, to name a few, with biblical reference. Each has a significant role in discipleship.

Without giving too much away, the last chapters focus on the equipping of disciples, knowing what you possess and how to use it when you are operating in your position as a disciple.

There’s a lot more to look forward to in this book. The key element is to understand that:

“The book is written with the hope that it will direct you to be a faithful disciple, and serving with a loyal yet devoted heart.”

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