Book review: “In the newness of life zoe – let there be light” – by Kwanele Nomzitshi

God has given us the gift of life. He has given us love – He loves us unconditionally. We may tend to doubt all of that, mainly because of the things we go through. It is easy to forget about the goodness of God when things don’t seem to go well, even more so when there is knowledge or revelation about Him that we don’t have, which this book communicates in so much detail.

Starting with Chapter 1 – “Where it all began”, we are informed about everything God had destined and given to mankind after He created us, and how we were robbed. What I love
about this chapter is the detail of exactly what happened, because such knowledge will help us confront things with informed minds.

Having been robbed of the life God intended for us, and being moved from our initial position with God, Chapter 2 and 3 then reveal how God pursued us as His treasured possession, through Moses and Abram (Abraham). It is here that we get to understand the heart of God concerning us as His people: God had been in search of people after His own heart, and Chapter 4 titled “Heart-to-heart relationship with God” shares this in detail, using king Saul and David from the Bible. It is here that the misconception that God loves us by our actions is addressed.

Chapter 5 titled “Invitation to life” introduces us to Jesus, how He saved us and brought the grace and mercy of God upon us. It is through Him that we now have life – the life we were robbed of, the life God intended for us from the beginning.

Chapter 6 titled “All things new” elaborates on the new life we enter into through Jesus Christ, followed by Chapter 7 which addresses the misconception of grace. Many believers still think that grace is a license to sin, but this chapter addresses this notion in great detail.

“Thoughts and spoken word” of Chapter 8 is the author’s observation of our lives as believers in the present day – how it does not represent the sovereignty of God. He places the blame on the way we think and speak, which needs to change (and he shares knowledge on how to make that change). He further adds to that our lack of knowledge of the authority God has given us, in Chapter 9.

Chapter 10 reveals how our existence was in the plan of God. God has a preordained plan for each one of us: our purpose, what we are called to do individually.

It is a very informative yet liberating book. You will certainly see life differently, handle life differently, and most importantly live in the freedom that God loves you.

To get yourself a copy you can contact the author directly (and on WhatsApp) on +27 67 277 1298.

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  1. So powerfully we thank God for such great wisdom that given u Mr K. Nomzitshi.You are a blessing in our lives not only to us also in the world …God bless uand yr family.

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