Book review – “Make it work: Would You Be My Ex?” by Maxwell J.R Ramaite

In a world where “side-chicks” and polygamy have become the norm, here is a young man in pursuit of being a faithful one-woman man. This is no ordinary book of some love story and happily ever after ending. It is far more intriguing, with poems and prose expressing his fears and uncertainties when it comes to love, yet making the decision to give his all, his loyalty not based on whether or not his partner is loyal, but rather making the conscious decision that there is absolutely nothing that would change his mind about her.

While in pursuit of his soulmate, Maxwell starts off expressing his agony from his past – an unpleasant past with a lady he thought was his one and only, and how that affects his current pursuit. But he quickly shifts his focus to his true love – poems and prose expressing his undying and unconditional love, the kind of love that seeks to do his best with her and to be his best for her.

In the chapter that follows, titled, “Now that you are mine”, it is filled with poems of embrace, appreciation, and passion towards her.

In pursuit of being his best for his woman, and building a future for them, Maxwell surprises us with lessons of wisdom from his uncle about life lessons he intends to pass onto his children, lessons that groom and shape him to be the man he needs to be for himself, his family that he will build, and society.

There’s something to take, be it for a man in pursuit to better himself, or for a lady to better herself and to know the most important things to look into in a man when being pursued.

The book ends with “Letters to my ex”, filled with the tension and excruciating pain he was left with, leaving him indecisive about what to do next: whether to bother with her or let it go. “Songs you shared with me neither sadden nor excite me, only echo noise.” It’s an “ouch!”, but that’s the reality of pain.

It doesn’t have to end like that. Make it work. And so, once again, it begs the question: “Would you be my ex?”

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